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Photo: Terry Tasche
Photo: Sarah E. Larsen

Reggio's 2021 release “Strike Up My Feet,” includes performances of his newest compositions including: "Strike Up My Feet" “Thank You For Your Smile,” “Cool Walk” and “Gotta Dance.”

Reggio’s career as an artist started at an early age, not only as a tap dancer, but also as a musician. He began learning to play bass guitar at the early age of twelve. By the time he was fifteen, he was playing professionally in blue’s clubs around Chicago.

Soon thereafter, he was offered a permanent position traveling as a backup musician for Brunswick Records, known for “Chicago’s soulful sounds, of rhythm and blues.” Reggio played for some of the hottest recording artists at that time, like the Lost Generation, Tyrone Davis, The Chi-Lites and many others.

Eventually, Reggio began writing and producing his own music with songs like “The Light,” and “Can You Love Me.” He co-wrote and sang a duet with Laura Doherty on ”Tap Dance” for her “Shining Like a Star” music CD.

Photo: Terry Tasche

Reggio McLaughlin: Tap Dance of Life is an autobiographical account of the fascinating life of Reggio "The Hoofer." Every chapter contains stories and lessons about life's ups and downs in Reggio's own words.

Reggio grew up in a large family on Chicago's south side and left school at fifteen to play in blues clubs and travel for Brunswick Records.

From hanging out in San Francisco's Haight-Ashbury district to tap dancing in Chicago's subways and on the streets of New York, Reggio has used the magnificent and powerful art form of tap dance to tell amazing stories and connect with people.